So you think you can teach

  • Tutor: *mumbles question*
  • Me: Sorry, could you repeat that?
  • Tutor: *sighs angrily*
  • Me:
  • Tutor:
  • Me:
  • Tutor to Student A: Can you please translate my good English to her?
  • Student A: Ah, she understands, she just couldn't hear you.
  • Student B: Yeah, we can't hear you. You always tell us to speak louder, well we need you to speak louder!
  • Tutor: You know what? First, you students don't put the effort to understand my English in a French accent. Secondly, you are too lazy that you won't even listen to my questions!
  • This going to be one long semester.
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When a celebrity dies

  • Reaction 1: RIP famous person. You were an amazing person, your contribution to the world will never be forgotten! Even though I never really was a fan, your death still really affected me. <3
  • Reaction 2: OMG! I'm so over people obsessing over the death of this famous person. There are kids starving in Africa every single day and no-one ever acknowledges this. I usually don't acknowledge this world problem myself, but because a famous person died I want everyone to know how shallow they are for being so affected by this death.
  • Rinse and Repeat.

Are you really an adult?

Today, I received an invitation to an engagement party. As I write this very post, I am admiring the juxtaposition between the delicate lace and the bold pink ribbon used on the invitation. Aside from that, I love that it has my name on it. Just my name. Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m making a big deal out of this because I never get invited to things. I’m like a Kardashian, I’m always wanted somewhere. (LOL, jokes, I can count the number of such events I go to on like a hand and a half.) 

Seriously though, the reason I’m making a big deal out of a simple invitation is because it is a sign that I’m growing up. Seeing this invitation without my parents’ names on it has made me realise that I really do have my own life now. My social life isn’t necessarily connected with my parents’ and it isn’t their responsibility either. 

It has made me think of all the other little things in life that confirm your adulthood. Forget biological development or the social convention that you become an adult at the age of 18. This is the real criteria for adulthood: 

  • You use key rings for actual keys and not just as a pretty accessory on your bag. 
  • You have a bank account in your own name with money that you can actually spend. Savings accounts created by your parents for your education/wedding/future drug addiction don’t count.
  • Holding a handbag or wallet is not cute anymore, it’s normal. 
  • You get weird looks when you order a Happy Meal for yourself. 
  • You don’t feel the need to run to the play area after eating at a fast food joint. In fact, it becomes ironic if you do. 
  • On that note, ironic becomes a part of your vocabulary and you start doing things that were normal as a kid “ironically.” 
  • Receiving mail in your name is no longer exciting or unexpected.*
  • You know how to use at least one mode of public transport really well. 
  • You know how to use the petrol pump.
  • You can give and receive flowers as legitimate gifts. 
  • Chocolates also become gift-worthy. You wouldn’t get a 5 year old a box of Ferrero Rocher. 
  • And of course, the inspiration for this post: you are invited to/attend formal marriage-related events that your parents have no connection with because your generation is now old enough to get married.

Personally, I can’t use a petrol pump. Therefore, according to this scientifically proven criteria I am not really adult. Are you? :) 


*Please do not confuse this with receiving packages in your name. That never dies out. 


I want to personally know an author as though they are a close friend. Like really know them. I want to know personal details in their life such as their interests and hobbies; their guilty pleasures; what they hate; their habits and routines; what they do when they’re nervous, happy and sad; their childhood memories; their paranoias; who they’re friends with; what they are ambitious about; how they motivate themselves; and just how they see themselves all together. 

I want to then read all their books and pick up on the little details that reflect who they are. It’s amazing how much meaning there can be behind a bunch of words. I want to read a description of a character or an event, smile to myself and think “ah, I see where they got that from.” 



Dear December,

You have well and truly failed me this year. Are you proud of yourself? I hope you’re not because I am not happy at all! Usually, you make me feel inspired and motivated to make changes leading into the new year, but not this year. Sure, the majority of these changes don’t actually happen but it is nice to be optimistic and you know what? I have not felt optimistic in a few months so it would be good to be my old optimistic, inspired self again! 

So far, you have managed to bring me pain and inconvenience. In the few days since your month started I have managed to hurt myself at work, get sick, break a window and lose a whole bunch of credit and refund receipts which have the personal details of customers. Also, my friends and I are trying to organise a visit to school but that does not seem to be working at all. (Yes, I still visit my old high school, please don’t judge me.) 

I’m not studying, yet the stress levels are so incredibly high. I don’t know why! 

Something fix this! 



Argh, I just want to write something but everything I write is so jumbled and wrong and just doesn’t make sense.

Someone give me some talent. 


A little nursery rhyme

Stress, stress

Go away; 

Come again 

Another day.

Little Shaza

Wants to play


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I absolutely love how being picky automatically translates to “you’re just so spoilt, you have to find ways to get the attention you crave.” Now, tell me this, what logic are these people using? Why, in the name of whatever you believe in, would I deny myself certain foods that I supposedly secretly like just so that I can be all bratty and spoilt? Please, considering that I’m so ridiculously “spoilt” I would not have that much self-control. 

Anyway, more on this later. 


A Year? Already?

Earlier today, I was reminded that Term Three will be over in a few weeks, which means that it has been almost a year since I graduated from high school. *dramatic pause* 

Okay, fine. It’s not that much of a big deal but I still feel like it’s only been a couple of months or so since I finished. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving university; the independence and diversity at university is awesome. Though, I still miss school and I’ve accepted that that is not going to change any time soon. 

Things I miss:

  • The school bell. Seriously, I don’t know why I miss this. If you’re lucky enough to be in the hallways when the bell rings, it sounds as though it’s ringing from inside of your eardrums, shaking your brain into teeny tiny pieces. And it always rings for just a few seconds too long.
  • Recess and lunch which made it a million times easier to see friends. 
  • On particularly lazy days I miss everything being within 2 minutes walking distance. I laugh at all those times I “wasn’t bothered” to walk to the Visual Arts/Music rooms because they were “on the other side of school.” At uni, I cross an entire postcode to get to the “other side of campus.”
  • My paranoias being treated as though they were normal.
  • Hanging out in teachers’ staff rooms, the English/History staff room in particular. 
  • Buying hash browns from the canteen and hanging out on the junior quad like I had nothing better to do.
  • Lessons made funny by classmates. Man, nothing funny ever happens in tutorials. 
  • Knowing everyone in the year group. 
  • Teachers. :’( 

HOWEVER, there are some things I don’t miss:

  • UNIFORM! Gosh, this just makes students look like shapeless clones whose personalities has been sucked out of them. Any attempt to add colour or style to uniform never works! 
  • 30 hour weeks. This semester I only have 9 hours a week! Yay for Arts Degrees and their minimal contact hours! (Having said that, I probably do more work in the 9 hours now than I did in the 30 hours at school.) 
  • Extra assessment tasks/essays/work that magically appear despite NOT being on the assessment schedule/syllabus. (I will never forget that extra year 10 English essay we were given for no good reason or the Math homework we were given over the 2008/2009 six week holiday.)
  • Being looked at weirdly for using the library as more than a hang out or putting “too much effort” into school work. *GASP!*  
  • Lack of effective heating/cooling in class. 
  • Constantly being told that I have it way too easy at school and need to become a little more responsible to handle the pressure, harshness and merciless nature of university. Everything comes in its own time, people! Why were you so keen on me growing up too fast, huh? And anyway, settling into university wasn’t that hard!!!